Summary: Americans for Prosperity is the main advocacy platform of Charles Koch, with chapters in many TCI states, and a long history of attacking any policies that would result in a reduction of gasoline demand.

Americans for Prosperity was founded by David Koch and Richard Fink in 2003 and has grown into a powerful citizens advocacy platform for the Koch network. The group’s federal office  and state chapters consistently fight against renewable energy and clean transportation policies.

Conservative Transparency described Americans for Prosperity as “the centerpiece of the Kochs’ political machine” and the Washington Post describes the group as “a centrally directed but federated organization with paid staffers in the states who can deploy resources and mobilize millions of activists on contact lists.”

As of 2020, AFP has state chapters in 37 states. AFP’s state chapters have been involved in many efforts to lobby state governments against clean energy and transportation policy, including New Jersey’s exit from RGGI, the repeal of New Hampshire’s renewable energy standard, and is now organizing against TCI. 

As a 501(c)(4) organization, Americans for Prosperity is not required to disclose its donors. However, Conservative Transparency highlights two organizations associated with the Kochs, Freedom Partners and the Center to Protect Patient Rights, which had combined contributions of over $80 million to Americans for Prosperity since 2009.

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation, is the 501(c)(3) sister organization to Americans for Prosperity, and David Koch served as chairman of the foundation until  2018.