Summary:  The Center for State Policy Analysis is run by an English professor and communications professional, and receives considerable funding from the Koch network. 

The Center for State Policy Analysis was launched in early 2020, with clear financial support from the Koch network.  Initial funding for CSPA as CommonWealth reported, came from one of Massachusetts’ largest private health insurance companies and from a program called Emergent Ventures,  a grant program of the right-wing Mercatus Center.  Mercatus is directly funded by Koch Industries, and Charles Koch himself sits on the board of directors. The Mercatus Center was also founded by Richard Fink, a former executive Vice President and board member of Koch Industries.

The Center launched aiming to serve a role akin to the Congressional Budget Office at the state level, with Evan Horowitz as Executive Director. Horowitz is a former English professor and communications profressional who lacks subject matter expertise, yet he makes frequent media appearances. 

The CSPA identified TCI as one of the issues it planned to study and  in its first year, including an analysis of the likely economic impacts of the initiative.