Summary: The Yankee Institute for Public Policy is a junk, right wing organization that receives the majority of its funding from far right dark money foundations and Charles Koch. It closely coordinates its cut and paste anti-TCI efforts with similar oil industry and right wing-funded organizations in other states.

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy is a right wing front group funded by the oil industry. The Hartford, Connecticut-based organization was founded by Lee Hanley, former president of Hanley Petroleum in Texas and member of the National Petroleum Council.  

Tax records reveal that the group has received more than $3.5 million from Donors Capital Fund and DonorsTrust, two pass-through funds that have been called the “dark-money ATM of the conservative movement,” that mask donations from foundations controlled by Charles Koch.

The Yankee Institute has repeatedly been criticized for its loose adherence to basic non-profit regulations. In fact, The Yankee Institute is so poorly managed that its tax-exempt status was revoked for failing to file tax documents for more than three years.

YI is a member of State Policy Network, a network of right wing organizations that the Koch network funds to promote junk science, climate denial, and corporate welfare. 

YI’s anti-TCI attacks closely mirror fellow SPN members in other northeastern and mid-Atlantic states. For example, in March 2020, the Institute launched an organization-branded anti-TCI video that is an exact copy of an anti-TCI video launched 2 months prior by the Citizens Alliance of PA. The only difference is the branding. Further, the group has signed onto a handful of statements and letters opposing the initiative. 

The Yankee Institute has called for hard right, radical changes to transportation funding including the elimination of worker protections and benefits, mass transit subsidies, and prevailing wage laws.