Meet the Polluters

The Climate Deniers, Fossil Fuel Special Interests, and Serial Liars
Behind the Attacks on the Transportation and Climate Initiative’s Regional Program

As a group of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states work to design and implement a landmark program aimed at reducing transportation carbon pollution, fossil fuel polluters and their corporate special interest groups are set on attacking the efforts.

The regional cap and invest program under consideration by states in the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) promises to be part of a suite of policies to clean up the transportation sector, while providing more fair and equitable options for moving about the region. 

However, fossil-fuel special interests, industrial polluters and climate deniers have already launched an extensive, coordinated attack to undermine and kill this critical effort. Their industry funded attacks rely on an avalanche of lies and fabrications, high-priced lobbyists paid to kill legislation and deceive lawmakers, and deceptive, cookie-cutter corporate campaigns designed to fool the public into accepting the broken, unaffordable status quo that allows them to pollute indiscriminately while lining their pockets.